Frequently Asked Questions

When does CBS Meet?

Cascade Brewers Society (CBS) meets the last Monday of every month, for the whole year expect December. Please join us at Hop Valley Eugene at 7:00pm. Your first meeting is free to attend!

When are Dues due?

Your first CBS meeting is free to attend! After that we ask that you pay dues: $30 per household to attend meetings, events, and Club Only Competitions. The $30 is good for 1 full year.

Where can I buy homebrewing supplies locally?

Homebrew supplies can be found locally in Eugene at Home Fermenter in Valley River Center behind World Market. You can also purchase semi-locally in Salem at Salem Brew Supply, and in Portland at F.H. Steinbarts. The CBS Discord is also full of homebrewers will extra supplies, so double check that someone doesn’t already have what you need!

If you choose to join the club, you’ll also get to opt into bulk buys of ingredients for your brews: hops, malt, honey, and vanilla beans, just to name a few. We’ve make bulk buys with hop suppliers such as Hop Alliance and Hop Heaven, and with malt suppliers such as LINCSugar Creek, and Skagit Valley Malt (RIP).

What Types of Fermentation does CBS support?

Cascade Brewers Society is all about that fermentation process! We support brewers and makers of all fermentation walks of life. Beer, Cider, Mead, Kombucha, Kefir, Hot Sauces, Sourdough, Jun, Koji, Kraut, Wine, Port, Seltzers, Cured Meats, Pyments, Braggots, you name it!

Where can I buy hops locally?

Many people in the club grow their own hops and have a surplus. You can buy rhizomes to grow your own as well! Home Fermenter offers a wide variety of hops locally and routinely smaller hop yards in the valley will contact us with fresh hops when the season is peaking. The Alsea Thyme Garden also grows and sells 30+ varieties.

What club resources are available to me?

When you Register and pay your dues you’ll get access to our Club Handbook which outlines all the cool meetings, events, and Club Only Competitions that you can participate in.

What are the water profiles for Eugene and Springfield?

In general, both Eugene and Springfield have water that is relatively neutral in minerals. This gives the town a “Pilsen” style profile. Both EWEB and SUB have basic water reports on their websites: EWEB / SUB. In terms of what to do with this information, it is strongly suggested to read John Palmer’s section in How to Brew on water adjustments and mash pH. Other resources that can be useful: Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski & Bru’n Water – Created and updated by Martin Brungard

I'm not a member, but I want to sell my used Homebrewing equipment.

No problem, send a message on the Contact Us page that outlines all the items you have and how much you are charging for them. We’ll respond with an email asking for pictures, and we’ll post it all to our forum. Non-members don’t tend to get a lot of bites though, so your best bet is through third party selling apps such as Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.