About Cascade Brewers Society


Cascade Brewers Society was founded in Eugene Oregon in 1982 and viewed itself as a small “drinking club with a homebrewing problem.” Since last century, CBS has evolved into a large community of brewers that celebrate the art and science of fermentation.

As CBS has grown over the decades the club became more steeped in the Oregon craft beer scene – brewing collaboration with local commercial breweries, setting up canning days, and providing the Willamette Valley with national competitions. Many past members have moved on to join the commercial side of brewing – to work as head brewer, graphic designer, quality control, or as a maltster. CBS is home to incredible brewers and they have contended with other Oregon Homebrew Clubs for the title of “Oregon State Homebrewer of the Year.” We could list all the awards, medals, Pro-Ams, and accolades that our members have won – but the list is either too long, or we’re too humble.


The club is open to the public, and people that have an interest are encouraged to participate. CBS has a “friendly rivalry” with other Oregon State homebrew clubs such as Oregon Brew Crew (OBC), Central Oregon Homebrewers Organization (COHO), and Heart of the Valley (HOTV). Check out what our friends are brewing!

We’re home to ferments of all types: beer, cider, mead, wine, spirits, kombucha, meats, veggies, and hot sauces, to name a few! Come join us and share what you’ve got fermenting!


Participate in National Events
In addition to monthly meetings, the club sponsors many homebrew oriented activities. Instructional events such as AHA’s Learn to Homebrew Day and Big Brew—National Homebrew Day are held regularly; it’s also common for members to informally gather and brew together. The club frequently runs the judging for various local homebrew competitions such as KLCC Homebrew Competition and Sasquatch Brew Fest.

Club Only Competitions & Social Events
About once a month, a club member will host a gathering where everybody can share their latest batches, usually themed to the season (such as Octoberfest). These events are usually tied to a Club Only Competition.
Club Only Competitions (C.O.C.) are determined at the start of the year. C.O.C.’s utilize BJCP Style Guidelines and award points based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. These points are tallied at the end of the year and an award is given out to the 1st place. Club Only Comps in the past include: Real Ales, Belgians, Oktoberfests, Clone Beers, Ciders/Meads, Big Bigs (high gravity), Lagers, Style Spotlights, Harvest Beers, and Historical Brews. Every year is different!

Yearly Campout
The big yearly event is the Club Campout, where members gather over a summer weekend in the woods to enjoy great food and beer. Here we have a massive homebrew fundraising raffle that helps pay for the many events of the club.

Additional Benefits
• Subscriptions to the mailing list and the CBS newsletter: The Boil Over
• Access to the Discord Server – our main discussion forum.
• Membership Card (10% off most purchases at Home Fermenter Center)
• Invitations to Club Only Events
• Option to participate in the Club Only Competitions
• Club branded merchandise to purchase
• Chance to win conference scholarships

Membership is $30/year covers an entire household.

For more details, feel free to attend a regular club meeting or email cascadebrewerssociet@gmail.com.

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Executive Committee Roles

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Covid- 19 Protocol

In all instances, CBS recommends people to follow CDC guidance for protecting themselves and others from COVID-19. CBS encourages all members and the greater community looking to attend CBS meetings to get the vaccine, as they have been shown to be safe and effective at preventing COVID-19 disease, especially severe illness and death. Fully vaccinated members may choose not to wear a face-covering during CBS meetings. Unvaccinated members are expected to wear a mask while attending CBS meetings.
CBS meetings will also abide by any extra precautions and requirements that our host may ask for (e.g., mandated masking, social distancing, etc.) and will continue to update and follow the guidelines shared by the CDC and OHA.
Additionally, when attending official events held at private residences (e.g., COC judging events, post-COC socials, Oktoberfest party, etc.) CBS requires that members abide by hosts’ expectations and asks that hosts communicate those expectations to the membership at least one week before any event. Above all, CBS supports its members to do what feels safe for them.

Executive Committee & Roles

CBS has some minor organizational structure. Below is the list of Executive Committee Members.
President: Dana G.
Vice President: Aaron B.
Treasurer: John K.
Technical Director: Mat O.
Competition Co-Chairs: Jeff M. & Jeremiah M.
Website Lead: Michael G.
Members at Large: Herb N., Brian M.

Downloadable copy of the roles for the Executive Committee