Club only Competition


To provide club members with a structured venue in which to have their beers objectively evaluated (as objectively as you could expect from this group of knuckleheads). In addition, the COC aims to educate members about specific beer styles, homebrew competitions, beer evaluation, judging procedures, and to help make their beers not suck. A secondary objective is to provide feedback for club members as they compete against other Oregon homebrew clubs in the Oregon State Homebrewer of the Year (OSHBOTY) award circuit and the National Homebrew Competition.

How to Enter

Competitions will be open to all club members in good standing, and will be free to enter. To enter, submit the equivalent of two 12-ounce bottles to Home Fermenter (1011 Valley River Way Suite 107, Eugene, OR 97401) by the entry deadline. Detailed information regarding schedule and entry deadline can be found here.

You will need to attach a completed bottle ID form to the bottles with a rubber band. Bottle ID forms can be found on the Legacy BJCP website.
In order to encourage participation, we will be accepting a wide range of bottles (flip-tops, 22 ounce, soda bottles, etc.)

Entry limitations: You are allowed a maximum of two entries per competition.


IPAs (and social at Dana and James’)
Judging Date: Sat, March 30th
IPA CoC judging: 2pm
Social/Chili judging: 4pm
Categories: 12C (English) All 21/22

Real Ale (and social at Kelly and Steve’s)
Judging Date: May TBD
Categories: 11A-C, 12A&C, 13A-C, 14A-D

Dark Lagers (hosted by Michael – social TBD)
Judging Date: July
Categories: Any Lager with SRM 15 or higher

Belgian Beers (and social at Jeremiah and Moira’s)
Judging Date: September TBD
Categories: All 24, 25, 26

Weird Ingredients
Judging Date: November TBD
Categories: Any
1-5 bonus points on weirdness of ingredient (ex: vanilla: 1, pork chop: 5)

Winter Seasonal
Judging Date: Holiday Party (Dec)
Category: 30C (spice) or 34A (commercial clone – think Jubel Ale, Fa La La La, Snow on the Pines, Celebration)

  • COC Leaders and July Competition

    Current Leaders:

    1st Place: Aaron Brussat 8 Points

    2nd Place: Michael Gwynn 7 Points

    32rd Place (tie): Kathleen and Carl / David James 5 Points

    Dark Lager Club Only Competition will be July 13th hosted by Michael and Kiley. Last minute brewers better get going! Any lager over an SRM of 15 counts. Let us know if you can judge!

    Think: Munich Dunkel, Czech Dark (duh), Schwarzbier, Dopplebock, Eisbock (have fun!), Baltic Porter

    Should be fermented with a lager yeast, but if you use an ale yeast or *gasp* Kviek, you probably won’t be DQ’d

  • May COC Competition – Real Ale

    Winners for the IPA Competition hosted by Dana and James:

    1st Place – Michael Gwynn, 2nd Place – David James, 3rd Place – Aaron Brussat

    The May Club Only Competition and Social is coming up on May 18th.

    Once again the Throw’s will host a club favorite – Real Ale Festival. Details will follow for the judging as social.

    Categories: 11A-C, 12A&C, 13A-C, 14A-D. This is a cask conditioned competition, so only corny kegs or traditional casks will be accepted – no bottles. You must also supply an air-in and a beer out line. The setup will have the kegs on their side with the normal IN post at the bottom (slightly tilted do avoid picking up sediment) where the beer out line will go. The normal OUT post will have another cobra tap
    to allow air in.

  • IPA CoC – March!

    Characteristics (focusing mainly on American IPA):

    • Hop Forward often bitter and aromatic
    • Typically Dry
    • Simple malt base
    • Clean fermentation profile
    • IBU: 40-70; SRM 6-14; OG 1.056-1.070; FG 1.008-1.014; ABV 5.5-7.5%
    • Simple Malt Base – 2 Row Pale, can add 5-20% wheat or oats for head retention and some light crystal or Munich
    • Mash on low end 150F
    • Water chemistry can be key
      • Sulfate (SO4 typically from gypsum) of 100-200 ppm gives a perceived dryness classic of West Coast IPAs
      • Chloride should be low for dry and crisp
      • Gypsum also give plenty of Calcium for a healthy fermentation
      • Lower mash pH of 5.3 helps give dry and bright

Awards + Prizes

Results will be posted and judging forms with scores and feedback will be returned to each entrant as soon as possible. Results will also be announced at the monthly club meeting following each competition. Winners will receive the satisfaction of knowing that their beer doesn’t suck (at least not as bad as everyone else’s).

Points will be awarded for each competition as follows:
1 point per competition for entering or judging but not placing in the top 3
2 points total for 3rd place
4 points total for 2nd place
6 points total for 1st place

1st place winner for Club Only Competition will receive a small prize at the next club meeting!

For the top prizes total points will be tallied for all competitions for the year. Prizes will be award and determined by the CoC Committee.

In the event of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd, the total number of 1st place finishes in club only competitions will be used as a tiebreaker.  If it is still tied, the total number of 2nd place finishes will be used.  If still tied, the total number of 3rd place finishes will be used.  After that, we will be forced to go to a sword duel at high noon.

Judging and Stewarding

Judging for most of the competitions will be done in a setting separate from any other club meeting with only judges and stewards present. However, certain competitions will be associated with a club party that will be announced in advance.

CBS will use the most up to date BJCP style guides to judge each competition, and entrants will receive scores and feedback on a BJCP score sheet. An example of the score sheet can be found online.
For more information regarding current style guidelines, please refer to the BJCP website.

Success of these competitions will depend on participation, both by entrants as well as judges. Prior to each competition, an announcement will be sent out encouraging entries and pleading for judges. If you are an experienced judge, your help will be greatly appreciated. If you are not an experienced judge but would like to learn, this is a perfect opportunity. Due to the proliferation of cheaters in the club, you will not be allowed to judge any style in which you have a beer entered in the competition.