May COC Competition – Real Ale

Winners for the IPA Competition hosted by Dana and James:

1st Place – Michael Gwynn, 2nd Place – David James, 3rd Place – Aaron Brussat

The May Club Only Competition and Social is coming up on May 18th.

Once again the Throw’s will host a club favorite – Real Ale Festival. Details will follow for the judging as social.

Categories: 11A-C, 12A&C, 13A-C, 14A-D. This is a cask conditioned competition, so only corny kegs or traditional casks will be accepted – no bottles. You must also supply an air-in and a beer out line. The setup will have the kegs on their side with the normal IN post at the bottom (slightly tilted do avoid picking up sediment) where the beer out line will go. The normal OUT post will have another cobra tap
to allow air in.