IPA CoC – March!

Characteristics (focusing mainly on American IPA):

  • Hop Forward often bitter and aromatic
  • Typically Dry
  • Simple malt base
  • Clean fermentation profile
  • IBU: 40-70; SRM 6-14; OG 1.056-1.070; FG 1.008-1.014; ABV 5.5-7.5%
  • Simple Malt Base – 2 Row Pale, can add 5-20% wheat or oats for head retention and some light crystal or Munich
  • Mash on low end 150F
  • Water chemistry can be key
    • Sulfate (SO4 typically from gypsum) of 100-200 ppm gives a perceived dryness classic of West Coast IPAs
    • Chloride should be low for dry and crisp
    • Gypsum also give plenty of Calcium for a healthy fermentation
    • Lower mash pH of 5.3 helps give dry and bright